Monday, February 11, 2013

It's a NEW me transformation!!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

School Days!

The girls officially have school desks this year!! No more working at the kitchen table, or anywhere we can find a spot...they now have their own place to work and are sooooo super excited about it!!

The girls started school officially on August 22nd and they are loving it! Haley is in Kinder and Emily is completing her last year of Pre-school.

1st day of Kindergarten

Last year in Preschool!! 1st day of school

Working hard our 1st day of school!

For little girls they sure do know alot already and are learning so much more! This year Emily is focusing more on her ABC's (writing all her upper and lower case letters), more numbers (we know up to 10 already), scissor skills, reading time (I still read to her), and beginning phonics. Haley is learning her numbers to 100 (she can say almost all of them, but forgets a few still), skip counting by 2's and by 5's, math, english (to include vowels, writing etc), more scissor skills work, art, history, holidays, money and telling time skills and so much more I'm sure! They both know their days of the week already and the months of the year as well as the 4 seasons. Last year we started on started on sign language as our foreign language and we learned our alphabet, so this year we are focusing on our alphabet again as well as signs for days, numbers, simple/common words etc...we are all sooo excited and I know it's going to be a great year! This year Haley is also learning how to read!! She can read simple sight words already, but we are focusing now on her becoming a more independent reader, so we took a fantastic idea we found online and are using it for her (next year Emily will have one). It's called a Reading Caterpillar! For every book she reads by herself we add a link to our caterpillar...if she can get it to our designated length, she will earn the Butterfly Award once she graduates in May. This award will show that she has gone from a little caterpillar to a soaring butterfly in her reading skills. She's so excited and doesn't let me forget to add those books to her caterpillar! It's a great motivation for her and something she can see progressing!

Here's the 1st book read so far...she has already read another one as of the typing of this post!

As I'm sure you can tell it's going to be a fantastic year!

If you're a fellow homeschooler we wish you a fabulous year as well!!

Have a super day everyone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where has the time gone??

Our poor poor blog has had no attention for so I decided it is time to start updating on it again!! Yay! I know you're all as excited as I am right!?!?!!

Okay, so since March...yes the last time I posted was in March....we have had a pre-school graduation, taken the girls to their 1st live concert(well 1st one they can remember), enjoyed summer, tried to stay cool this summer, started school back up and just enjoyed spending tons of family time together!

In May we finished up school and celebrated by having a graduation party for Haley! She is officially a I can't believe she is already school seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital.

Emily still has one year left before I start Kindergarten work with her, so she got to just have an end of school celebration, but she enjoyed it either way!

This summer we have visited the pool....a BUNCH because it has been sooooooo very HOT in Texas!! We went to family reunion, took a family vacation to Tyler and prepped for the upcoming school year. This year for school, the girls got desks....real school desks so they are LOVING it!!

Also KLOVE (for those who don't's a Christian radio station broadcast all over the US), put on a free...yes you read that right FREE concert!!! So it being free you can bet we were there! Travis was on-call that night so unfortunately he couldn't go, but I took the girls and they LOVED it!! We went to see Buildng 429...we also bought a shirt and a copy of their Listen to the Sound CD...the girls LOVE their music and all their songs. Being as how we bought stuff we got special VIP passes to attend the meet and greet with the band and because we were some of the last ones in the room, we got to sit on the floor right near the band's feet. The girls just thought that was the coolest thing ever!!

The girls also had their end of the year dance and gymnastics recital. Haley's dance team did a ballet and tap dance routine...they were soooo cute! In Emily's gymnastics class only her and one other girl signed up to participate in the recital but she had fun anyway...she was a bit nervous, but still had fun. At the end of the recital each child was awarded with a medal...I think that was all the kids favorite part of the day! I was very proud of both of them!!

Now we have started school again and the girls are loving it! We are looking forward to dance and gymnastics starting back up again...we took a break from them this summer. Haley will be starting Girl Scouts....yay!! Emily is finishing her last year of preschool work and Haley is starting Kindergarten and we'll have a double graduation ceremony in the Spring. I'll keep you updated more often!

Have a super day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Two posts in one day....whew!!

As some of you may already know I have started making cakes & cupcakes in my spare time for extra income....I'm not the best at it yet, but have been getting in lots of practice with family and church friends letting me make them cakes. I also have been working with some friends gaining knowledge and techniques from them. As with everything I know that the more I practice the better I'll get, so if you have any events or occasions coming up and would like a cake or cupcakes or cupcake cake made...just let me know. I love being creative and am definitely getting that opportunity with cake making. I've also learned how to make wedding cakes :) Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the one I made with a friend, but as soon as I get a copy of it, I'll update the blog with a picture. Until then...check out the following cakes I've made so far:

My first cake:

More birthday cakes:

Have a yummy day!!!


Well Hello again everyone!!

Once again it's been forever since this poor blog was last updated....poor blog, I bet it's feeling kinda neglected :(....that's why I have decided to go ahead and give you all the updates in one big blog...then I PROMISE I'll do better about updating more frequently :).

When I last blogged in Dec we were getting ready to head out for case we didn't see you, haven't talked to you since then or maybe you just want to hear it all again...we had an EXCELLENT trip!!! We left here early...I'm talking...the sun wasn't up yet EARLY...on Sat. Dec. 18th. We drove for 14 hours and arrived in Tucson the night of the 18th...stayed overnight there and got some much needed rest then left out of Tucson on Sunday morning, Dec. 19th and finished our next part of the trip. We stayed with my grandparents in Southern California for a couple days then headed out again to go up the CA coast.

Once we left grandma's the first stop was Hollywood. It had been raining for several days there in CA and being Dec it was a bit cooler and wet...that worked in our favor though because there really weren't a lot of people out and about. We walked the Walk of Fame with the kiddos...they loved getting to see names in stars on the street. We were going to look for Mickey Mouse but the rain picked back up and the wind starting getting pretty gusty again, so we had to call it quits for the day and get back out on the road, but the kids loved it either way. From there we drove the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills to check out Rodeo Dr and all the big houses....yes it was VERY VERY NICE...I can't believe people spend sooooo much money for material stuff!!!

Well from Hollywood we traveled up the was too wet and rainy to travel Hwy 1 and see all the gorgeous coastline so we opted for the 101 instead and it was a very pretty drive. Once the 101 finally met up with the Pacific Ocean it was AWESOME!! You have to remember growing up in TX all we usually get to see is the Gulf of Mexico and that doesn't even compare to a whole ocean!!!! We stopped off at Pismo Beach and let the kids get out of the car and go run in the sand and play for a bit. I don't know who enjoyed it more...the kids or us adults! :) Once we finally got everyone back to the car we took off for our last part of the journey and finished our drive up the 101 to San Jose where we stopped for the night. For those who have ever been to, lived in CA or driven the 101 you know that we took a LONG TRIP taking the 101 from Hollywood up to San Jose...I can assure you by the time we got to San Jose we were ALL ready to be out of the car for a while!!! Although the car ride was very, very long, we loved every minute of it...we got to see cities, small towns, the ocean and wine country. What beautiful land our God has created!!!

We spent the night in San Jose and got up the next day...Dec. 23rd and drove up to San Francisco!! I had our whole...I mean the WHOLE day in SF already mapped out...needless to say I failed to mention to Travis (the driver that day) that the SF streets go either straight up or straight down...HAHAHA...the look on his face once we hit them was priceless!!!! One of the first things we did was go down Lombard St....I LOVED IT...the kids LOVED IT...the driver....ummmmm not so much...maybe because he was having to drive it! After coming off this crooked street we hit the up& down streets and all I kept hearing from Travis was..."please quit laughing and help me find a parking garage so we can get out of this car and off these streets!!" Once we found a parking garage...for a very reasonable rate mind you which is hard to do in SF....we took off on a walk to the cable cars. Once we realized after 3 cable cars stopped that they were all filling up down the hill from us, we took off walking to see where the beginning of the line was. I'm so glad we did...we got to stop in Union Square and take pictures with the HUGE Christmas tree, see the stores and then go down to where the cars start their trip. It's a great place to go because we got to see them turn the cars around...Emily LOVED watching them turn the cars around and to this day if I ask her what her favorite part of SF was that's what she still tells me. We bought our tickets...rode on the cable cars...aka trolleys to the tourists....went to Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, saw Alcatraz, went out on the Pier and had a wonderful time while there. From SF our next stop would be at my dad's house in Folsom...well of course we had to see the Golden Gate Bridge before we left SF. This was another site that the kids loved...they called it the Golden Bridge. We finished out our trip that day by getting to my dad's house by about 6:15ish that night and just spent time visiting and relaxing. We got to stay with my dad and his fiance (Patti) till Dec. for next week we were able to new friends (Patti's family)...go shopping...see Sacramento...have Christmas with them, be with dad on his birthday, watch movies, eat, eat and eat some more!!! One day we even took the kids up towards Tahoe because it had been snowing...we didn't make it all the way to Tahoe but we did manage to find a spot near there where we could get out and play in the snow. The girls even got to take pictures on their cameras I got them before we left. The time the girls got to spend with Grandpa and I got to spend with my dad was WONDERFUL!! We don't get to see him very much seeing as how we live so far away from each other, but I cherish the times we do get to hang out and visit together and I hope they get to come to TX next and visit us. I know that the girls LOVED spending a whole week with Grandpa and Patti and I had an amazing time just getting to hang out with my dad!

Unfortunately as with all vacations we had to come home at some point in time, so on the morning of the 30th we began our journey back home. We were going to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way home but a massive and sudden snowstorm had the road going into northern AZ closed so unfortunately we had to bypass the Grand Canyon on this trip, so we detoured back to southern AZ and stayed the night in Phoenix. On Dec 31st...New Year's Eve....we drove and drove and drove till we made it to Travis' parents house in that was a LONG trip from Phoenix to their house but we made it (even with the time changes) before midnight, so we were able to ring in the New Year with family! Our time with his parents was even sweeter because his brother and our sis-in-law and their kiddos had been stationed in Italy for the past 3 years and they had just gotten back to TX the day we left for CA...we managed to make it back to TX in time to see them before they left to go to Virginia where they are stationed now...we didn't think we would make it in time to see them, but due to the snowstorm in AZ we did! It was great!!

Our trip finally ended on Sunday, Jan. 2nd when we returned back home! It was a wonderful trip...we made lots of memories, saw TONS of country, got to visit with family...which was PRICELESS...and had lots of laughter and fun in the car all along the way! We LOVE road trips and can't wait till we are able to take another one!

Well, this brings us into 2011....and things are going great! The girls and I picked our homeschooling back up (I only have them now) and Haley is learning to read!!! Emily has learned how to spell and write her name and is learning her seasons, days of the week and so much more! They are two very smart little girls and they are only in pre-school. Haley doesn't officially start Kindergarten till August!

January was also a busy month for us because the girls turned 4&5!! Oh my I can't believe they are that old already...time just seems to fly by!! This year they voted to have their birthday party at the Hoppin' Hippo...which is an indoor inflatable jumping place...them and all their friends had a wonderful time and they got TONS of gifts! I was able to make their b-day cake...they wanted Tinkerbell so we made a green cake to represent the fairy forest and put Tink and all her friends all over the cake. I made the cake half chocolate, half white w/rainbow was a HIT!! In February we celebrated our god-daughters bday party her at our house with a cake and dinner. The girls all loved playing together and helping Jubilee celebrate her birthday.

In January the girls started their dance & gymnastics classes back up again and once again they are loving it. Haley is learning more and more dance techniques and in Emily's class they will be learning how to do handstands and cartwheels soon. They already finished their 1st session of the year and just started on their 2nd session this past week. Next up for them will be their year end recital in May. They LOVE their performances...not sure if it's the performance or the fun costumes they love more!

Well, that's about it for the Greenwood's...we had a great holiday and enjoyed the girls' birthdays, now we are just enjoying the day-to-day of life before our busy summertime!!

Have a super day!!!